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Get the best Proxy scraper
software that scrapes fresh proxies for you to use online and with SEO tools.
As you know proxies can help you browse the web anonymously depending on which
proxies you use.

See the list below:

Level 1 - Elite Proxy. The highest in anonymity. Websites you visit cannot detect
your IP address.

Level 2 – Anonymous proxy.
Websites you visit cannot see your IP address but can detect that you are using
a proxy.

Level 3 – Transparent proxy. The
word transparent says it all. Any website you visit will see your IP address
and know you are using a proxy.

only last a few days,hours or weeks so by using this software you’ll be getting
fresh working ones. What’s so great about this software and makes
it stand out from the others is that when you save your results as a CSV file,
it shows you their anonymity so that you can filter out the proxies to their
levels. That way you will know what type of proxy your are using.

Many proxy scrapers scrape mix
proxies so that means when you use them you will not know what type you are
using. So if some are transparent, then your IP address will be detected
straight away. This software will help you avoid that by using the correct

This software is very easy to use
just click the button and the software will scrape the proxies for you