Activation Area Supervisor

Job Description

About the Job

– Developing the campaign plan and checking the itineraries for the delegates according to the importance of each teacher with documenting deliveries of books and gifts in kind with pictures and evidence and implementing the documentary cycle for the Department of Publicity in his governorate, reviewing it and collecting it from the delegates in a manner (daily – weekly – monthly).

– Training delegates on a daily basis, whether in theory inside the office or practical training in the market through field visits, in addition to training new representatives and emphasizing the thorough implementation of the company’s vision.

– The branch official is considered one of the most important sources for attracting and appointing new coordinators in cooperation with the human resources department through social networks in the market and through making many advertisements within the governorate for which he is responsible and through his communication with the current delegates to nominate new representatives.

– Carrying out visits to senior and most important teachers, mentors, and major central libraries, and making a monthly plan for those visits after approval, informing the sector director, and adopting them, and standing on all the observations that would preserve that class of important people and transfer their views to management immediately

– Gifts are disbursed through him and under his supervision, and he is responsible for determining how and what are the criteria for giving gifts, depending on the importance of teachers, mentors, educational posts and libraries.

– Supervising and ensuring the implementation of the marketing visit steps in an organized and correct manner, and ensuring that the delegates follow the timetables starting from the preparation step, loading the cars, preparing and arranging the routes until the return trip to the store.


Job Requirements

– High qualified

– From 3 to 5 years

– Arabic (excellent)

– English (good)

– Microsoft Office (Good)

– The ability to communicate and negotiate with all persons

– The ability to manage and direct individuals

– The ability to lead and manage

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